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Eternity Blue Bird Pendant

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Eternity Blue Bird Pendant, created by Gary's Rock Shop owner & silversmith, Stacie Anthony, is spiritual and symbolic bird pendant with deep blue kyanite. Birds and wings in Stacie's work symbolize freedom, empowerment, spiritual enlightenment and connection to the angelic realm. The spiraling flight of the birds symbolizes eternity and the life journey.

Kyanite is a stone known to stimulate communication and enhance psychic ability and telepathy. This stone is said to align all the chakras and brings tranquility and calming, useful in meditation.

Sterling silver. 1 inch approx. pendant diameter. 8mm deep blue kyanite stone


Most items ship within a few days to a week, but keep in mind that many items are handcrafted upon order, so please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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