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Toe Ring, Peridot Spring Oak

  • 5200

Genuine peridot gemstone set with oak leaf in sterling silver on an adjustable (open back) sterling band.  Created by Stacie Anthony, silversmith/owner of Gary's Rock Shop.

This is not your typical toe ring...this baby was built to last! The sterling band is heavy duty and will not become misshapen with proper care. These are the same sterling bands Stacie uses for ring designs, but the open back allows you to open and crimp the band to fit your toe.

You can also wear this as an adjustable (crimping) pinky ring!

Oak symbolism has a meaning of strength of stability. Peridot stone is the August birthstone and is a light green stone of spring renewal and personal power.

Most items ship within a few days to a week, but keep in mind that many items are handcrafted upon order, so please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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