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Museum Quality Specimens

We have been lucky to acquire several collections involving museum quality specimens.  Most of these items are several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  Please inquire if you are interested in any of the stones featured on this page. Serious inquiries only.  Please stop in the shop to see our permanent "Gifted Earth" museum quality collection.


museum quality phantom quartz clustermuseum quality phantom quartz cluster

This beautiful chlorite-included, double terminated quartz cluster has a lot going on within its depths.. .including several phantoms and rainbows. 

Museum quality Amethyst Cathedral pair at Gary's Rock Shop

The Amethyst Cathedrals shown are a pair standing approximately 5 feet to 5.5 feet.  The amethyst crystal center is edged in a beautiful agate banding.  Very showy specimens.  

The handcarved quartz crystal skull pictured above is carved from a beautiful piece of quartz with excellent clarity and natural "rainbow" fracture inclusions.